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3316 BZ

Company Profile:
1. Company is located in North West part of the Netherlands near Rotterdam
2. Lindor Products B.V. is engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of mixers for dry products.
3. Lindor was founded in 1963 as an engineering workshop to provide components to industries in the area of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Since then the company has evolved in a well known manufacturer of special mixing and processing installations which are installed world wide. Manufacturing of special components is also part of our business.

"Gentle Touch" mixing technology for mixing of sensitive, fragile powders, granulates and natural products.

What we offer:
. The fact that the Lindor mixers exercise virtually no shear forces make them particularly suitable for use with fragile and/or heat sensitive products. Also the option to add liquids (e.g. reacting agents) proves to be a valuable feature in many manufacturing processes.

Since more than 15 years we have created a multitude of references worldwide. We have experience in a wide range of applications. Typical products that benefit from the gentle touch mixing are:
■Spray dried products - Built up agglomerates
■Products that are brittle and/or prone to generate dust
■Products that are sensitive to heat, compression and/or impact
■Products with capillaries needed for e.g. adsorption
■Abrasive products
■Products sensitive to (metal) contamination

What are we looking for:
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If you are looking for a particular product or service:
1. What are you looking for?
Commercial cooperation
2. What will the product or service be used for?

If you are looking for customers:
1. What type of customer (industry, distributor, research, etc.)? Industry, Maintenance, Distribution.
2. Which industry sector? Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Plastics

  • ] Materials technology
  • ] Agrochemicals
  • ] Anoganic substances
  • ] Organic substances
  • ] Pharmaceutics
  • ] Plastics and Rubber related to Chemical technology and engineering
  • ] Special Chemicals, intermediates
  • ] Care, hygiene, beauty
  • ] Analytical chemistry
  • ] Separation Technologies
  • ] Food additives / Ingredients / Fuctional Food
  • ] Environment

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Technical Co-operation


Mr Jeroen Schaapsmeerders

Manager Marketing-Sales
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