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Institut Químic de Sarrià, Ramon Llull University

Via Augusta
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Company Profile:
The Chemical Institute of Sarrià (IQS CETS Foundation), is one of the founding members of the Ramon Llull University, and has a great tradition and prestige in terms of science and industry. The mission of IQS is the full training of people with attitudes, knowledge and skills which will encourage them to creating, leading and managing competitive organizations, highlighting the technological and industrial area.
IQS is formed by the Technical College, which offers studies in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Bioengineering, and the Faculty of Economy, which offers studies in Administration and Management. Teaching and Research in IQS are increasingly oriented to the service of society, focused on the industrial needs in order to improve competitiveness and industrial innovation.
The IQS Technical College counts with six Research Groups which offer an integrated service of research and consulting in areas of importance to industry

Research and development focused on industry applications (biomaterials, pharma, nanotechnology, bioengineering, food industry, etc)

What we offer:
IQS counts with six Research Groups working on remarkable activities focused on different industry interests.
- Industrial Safety: methodologies focused on identifying hazard and risk assesment in industrial processes.
- Molecular engineering: Development of new synthetic processes; Developing photoactive molecules and materials.
- Biomaterials: Development of polymeric materials with industrial applications; Functional materials; Production and characterization of materials for biomedical applications; Drug delivery and nanoparticle technologies.
- Biochemistry: Molecular biology of enzymes, biocatalysis and biomedical targets; Biochemical engineering for enzymes.
- Studies of organic pollutants (dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls, etc) on food/feed and enviromental samples.

What are we looking for:
IQS has a long history of successful industrial collaboration and has ongoing commercial relationships and projects with many large and small companies from different sectors (pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, food sector, biotechnology, utomotive, polymers and adhesives, all the chemical-related industry, etc.). We have run many Knowledge Transfer Partnerships with Industry, and published extensively on the mechanisms of design related knowledge transfer to SMEs. Our industrial expertise and new capability in observing users makes us well placed to collaborate on investigations into how user-centred theory can be applied in practice.
Due to our expertise in collaborative projects, we are interested on taking part of european consortia which require of our competencies.

  • ] Coatings
  • ] Surface treatment
  • ] Materials technology
  • ] Pharmaceutics
  • ] Plastics and Rubber related to Chemical technology and engineering
  • ] Analytical chemistry
  • ] Biology/Biotechnology
  • ] Biochemistry/Biophysics
  • ] Micro- and Nanotechnology
  • ] Environment
  • ] Waste management

Collaboration sought:
  • FP7 Project
  • Research and development
  • Technical Co-operation


Ms Joedmi Pereira-Lachataignerais

Project Manager
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