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Endor Nanotechnologies

Baldiri Reixac 15
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Company Profile:
Endor is a nanomedicine company developing pharmaceutical products.

Our mission is to translate Endor's medical programs using advanced nanosystems to make a positive pharmaceutical market impact.

Endor develops and manufactures innovative medical applications using inorganic nanoparticles conjugated to selected molecule

Nanotechnology Platform

What we offer:
Design of advanced inorganic nanosystems

Nanomaterials division is designing advanced inorganic nanosystems (synthesis and physical characterization). The division has the expertise and equipment to fully synthesise multiple nanoparticle based conjugates and characterize its optical, chemical and physical properties. Top quality nanomaterials in terms of shape, size and composition are required to be used in biomedical applications. Nanomaterials Division develops such materials to be used in the R&D programs.

Inorganic nanoparticles are conjugated to selected molecules depending on the application. Nanomaterials Division conjugates nanoparticles to a wide variety of active ingredients as organic molecules, proteins, peptides or nucleic acids.

Pharmacologic studies with advanced metallic nanosystems

Pharmacology Division is developing pre-clinical studies (in-vitro and in-vivo) in order to translate our products to Clinical Trials. The use of nanomaterials in biological applications requires developing innovative techniques to characterize the material’s behaviour in biological media. In Endor we have the expertise to fully evaluate preclinical studies for our products. These studies comprise Cellular in-vitro Viability, Efficacy in-vitro Studies, Cellular uptake imaging, in-vivo Pharmacokinetics and in-vivo Pharmacodynamics.

What are we looking for:
Partners in order to develop our programs in nanomedicine and other sectors.

  • ] Pharmaceutics
  • ] Special Chemicals, intermediates
  • ] Micro- and Nanotechnology

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Research and development


Mr Dr Marc Ramis Castelltort

Business Development Director
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