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Company Profile:
Family company starting in 1988 located in Corbins (Spain) involved in development and sales of products involved in plant nutrition and phytoprotectants, not pesticides.
Added value products with technical assistant to customers either in the field or through TIC's.
We are actually developing a line of products to improve plant's health in order to decrease agrochemicals use on the crop. This line can be currently developed by us or included in our range through agreement with producer.
Our interest is to sell under our brand and not to sell other brands' as we are currently setting a commercial net in 28 countries with our brand.
We are not specially interested in the UE market.

Agronutrition products and natural or chemical phytoprotectants. Not pesticides.

What we offer:
Own products for agronutrition market for added value crops with the brand MANVERT.
Technical and commercial assistance.
We are present with our sales team in 28 different countries.
Small specialised company in this field segment not developed by big multinational companies.

What are we looking for:
Research centers and/or Universities with proven knowledge in agronutrition and / or phyotoprotectants research in order to stablish development cooperations for new products for agriculture in order we can add them as our products in our catalogue for sales.

  • ] Agrochemicals
  • ] Crop production

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Licence Agreement
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Research and development
  • Technical Co-operation


Mr Enric Bonet

General Manager
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