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Think Composites, LLC

480 Hadley Drive
ZIP Code
Palm Harbor
United States

Company Profile:
Expert in the design and manufacturing of high performance (carbon fiber) reinforced composites for automotive body structure and chassis.

Looking to collaborate, possibly as a contract consultant for the development of ultra-light, highly fuel efficient vehicles, automobiles and trucks.

Prefer to focus on the development of higher volume carbon fiber reinforced structures. Anticipated volumes of greater than 500 per day are considered to be realistic. Our stretch target, near term, is 1,000 automotive body structure sized assemblies.

We hope to attract and then create a team whom shall design the structure and all necessary tooling, prototype and validate and then enter limited rate initial production before release to the OEM for full-scale production.

High Volume, cost effective, carbon fiber reinforced automotive body structures and chassis systems

What we offer:
We are a small group of carbon fiber composite experts. We lead product development teams.

We contract ourselves as composite design engineering consultants.

We know high volume. We know fuel economy improvements. We know composite intensive body structure and chassis systems.

We conform to the highest standards of ethics and morality. You will receive exactly what we promise.

What are we looking for:
We are searching for and plan to build a team of companies for the purpose of developing ultra-light weight, super fuel efficient vehicles.

These carbon fiber composite intensive vehicles are to be produced in relatively high volumes of between 500 and 1000 units per day.

We intend to design the structures and required tooling. We will provide expert oversight during prototype build and full vehicle validation. We will provide a strong presence at the automotive assembly plant throughout limited rate initial production until released once full rate production is achieved and all OEM provided metrics are realized.

  • ] Materials technology
  • ] Plastics and Rubber related to Chemical technology and engineering
  • ] Environment

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Research and development


Mr Chief Engineer Donald Lasell


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