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Laboratori d'Anàlisis Palinològiques - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Company Profile:
LAP is located at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. It is held by a Consolidated Research Group with experience in Aerobiology (pollen, spores and allergens) since 1983.

LAP main activities are the study of the airborne pollen and spores diversity, concentration and dynamics applied to public health (allergy) and environment (biological air quality). LAP produces weekly information that is made available in open through the Web and sent to professionals (physicians, companies), mass media and to subscribers.

Recently, LAP is also developing research in airborne allergens by means of immunological techniques.

Laboratori d'Anàlisis Palinològiques - UAB

What we offer:
1. Expertise in airborne pollen, spores and allergens diversity, dynamics and measurement. Expertise in Palynology.
2. We offer transference of technology and knowledge on aerobiological particles and measurement tools. What is needed for better measurements?
3. Our expertise can be used by pharmaceutical, biotechnological and other companies related to allergy (for developing new drugs), air quality (for biological pollution control), phytopathology (for the control of pathogenic organisms), gardening (for promoting the use of non allergenic species), air samplers (for designing new apparatus),...
4. The main advantages are the long and wide experience in a field with not so many specialists.

What are we looking for:
We are looking for partners (companies, research group) to collaborate in:
- Technical cooperation
- Research and Development
- FP7 project
- MICINN project

  • ] Pharmaceutics
  • ] Biology/Biotechnology
  • ] Biochemistry/Biophysics
  • ] Micro- and Nanotechnology
  • ] Crop production
  • ] Environment

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • FP7 Project
  • Research and development
  • Technical Co-operation


Ms Jordina Belmonte

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