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AIJU - Technological Center

Avda. de la Industria
ZIP Code
Ibi (Alicante)

Company Profile:
AIJU is the technological center of toys and was founded with the purpose of providing technological support to companies of the toy sector and related to it (manufacturing industry, plastic industry, metal) and is the reference in the quality control of toys and childcare articles. AIJU is located in Ibi (Alicante) and has 75 highly skilled workers and facilities of more than 3500 m2 with modern equipment.

The Energy Area was created AIJU in 2005 and belongs to the Department of Management and Innovation of AIJU and deals with the development of several projects and services related to renewable energy, advanced energy devices (fuel cells, supercapacitors, Li-Ion Lithium), development of advanced materials, development of hybrid vehicles and general engineering projects.

Energy Area

What we offer:
AIJU (Energy Area) offers full support for scientific and technological innovative projects related to energy field, materials and engineering processes and systems:

*Development and characterization of composite materials for several energy devices (capacitors, batteries and fuel cells).
*Development of monolithic materials based on ceramic and carbon materials for catalyst supports.
*Design and engineering of electronic control units for hybrid vehicles.
*Integration of hybrid energy systems in electric vehicles.
*Integral engineering of PEM fuel cells CAD-CAE-CAM up to 1 kW.
*Characterization of advanced energy devices (fuel cells, MEAs, capacitors, batteries)
*Engineering of systems and processes; design, structural and fluidodynamic simulations, control and automation and telemetry.
*Hydrogen production systems (Alkaline Electrolyzers)

What are we looking for:
AIJU (Energy Area) is looking for clients and partners to develop projects in the following areas:

-Advanced Materials and nanotechnology
-Hydrogen production systems
-Gas purification systems
-Fuel Cells
-Ion-Lithium batteries
-FP7 project
-Coatings for electrodes
-Hybrid vehicles

  • ] Coatings
  • ] Surface treatment
  • ] Materials technology
  • ] Micro- and Nanotechnology
  • ] Chemical material testing

Collaboration sought:
  • FP7 Project
  • Research and development


Mr Juan Carratalá

Specialist Technician
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