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BIO-GLS Technological Centre

Escola d'Enginyeria, Campus UAB
ZIP Code
Cerdanyola del Vallès

Company Profile:
We are a multidisciplinary group composed of 15 Doctors and 25 PhD Students. Our research has been focused on the biological treatment of wastes, including composting, anaerobic digestion, gases biofiltration (in its several forms) and wastewater nutrient removal (COD, N and P). Our scientific production includes more than 45 indexed papers per year and several contracts and public research projects.
Special areas of interest are: composting (modelling, control and product stability by dynamic respirometry), biofiltration of gases (organic and inorganic compounds), nutrient removal in wastewater treatment (biofilms, simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorous removal, modelling-based fundamental studies), microbial electrolysis cells (MEC) for sustainable hydrogen production, bioremediation, solid state fermentation (SSF) to obtain high-value products from organic wastes, and the use of nanoparticles to optimise biodegradation processes and improve bioremediation and biogas production in anaerobic digestion processes.

Development of biological treatments for solid wastes, liquid effluents and gaseous emissions

What we offer:
BIO-GLS Technological Centre is the unique Centre in the World which is able to give an integral solution to the biological treatment of wastes, considering the three physical states in which they can be generated: gaseous, liquid and solid, that are frequently found simultaneously.
The Centre is specialised in biological treatments, the most cost-effective solution for short and long term processes and can design specific processes for every single problem related with waste treatment with the next advantages:
Reactors correctly designed: lower volumes and lower investment costs
Control systems particularly designed for each process: important reduction on operational costs (around 30%)
The useful life of the equipments for biological treatments are never shorter than the physicochemical processes.
Proven stability and constant efficiency.
Considered as “green technologies” since are based on the natural biodegradation activity of the microorganisms.
BIO-GLS is able to always give the best solution (biological or not) to all waste treatment problems.

What are we looking for:
BIO-GLS is looking for project opportunities at any level and with any institution or company.
BIO-GLS aims to show and promote the technology that is being develop in the Centre to all potentially interested customers in this kind of biological processes to solve waste problems.

  • ] Biology/Biotechnology
  • ] Environment
  • ] Waste management

Collaboration sought:
  • FP7 Project
  • Research and development
  • Technical Co-operation


Mr Doctor Sergio Ponsá Salas

Project Manager
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