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Aeris Environmental Technologies

Edifici Eureka, Campus UAB
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Company Profile:
AERIS Environmental Technologies is a Spin-off of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona whose main activity is the design and development of biological reactors for the treatment of waste waters and gases.

The company comprises 11 PhD from the GENOCOV research group (UAB) as technical advisers. Since its foundation, GENOCOV has developed dozens of state-of-the-art systems for the purification of polluted waters and gases, publishing more than 100 indexed scientific papers in this field and successfully collaborating with more than 30 companies in Europe and America.

AERIS is specialized in improving the quality of liquid and gaseous effluents by means of ad hoc biological technologies. AERIS has unique, tested, products for the correction of virtually any environmental problem related to the generation of waste waters or gases. Also, AERIS offers a variety of environmental services.

Biological reactors for the treatment of polluted waste waters and off-gases

What we offer:
AERIS designs and builds bioreactors valid for a wide variety of industrial scenarios, including:

Waste water treatment:
• Purification of urban waste waters.
• Purification of waste water produced in sludge drying (reject water).
• Purification of waste waters containing high loads of nutrients (nitrogen and/or phosphorus).

• Purification of waste waters containing recalcitrant compounds.
• Purification of waste waters containing mixtures of nutrients and high loads of organic matter.

Waste gas treatment:
• Deodorization.
• Desulfuration of energy-rich gases.
• Retrofitting of physico-chemical systems into bioreactors.

What are we looking for:
AERIS is searching for qualified distributors, suppliers and technology partners interested in the field of pollutant remediation by means of biological technologies, with potential for working abroad and supplying new customers.

  • ] Biology/Biotechnology
  • ] Environment
  • ] Waste management

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial Agreement
  • FP7 Project
  • Manufacturing Agreement
  • Research and development
  • Technical Co-operation


Mr Dr. Oscar J. Prado-Rubianes

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